Moose WebCam

April 8, 2009

I was looking around for some new moose puzzles, and came across some sites selling moose-themed jigsaw puzzles. Here are a couple of fun ones. I have no connection to any of these vendors; I just came across their websites and thought the products looked like fun.

Animal Den has a wood puzzle for young kids. Looks like about 25 pieces, and it's a simple but not cartoonish design. (This is the puzzle that's pictured in this post.) They also have lots of other moose-themed products, so check them out if you're looking for gift ideas for the moose fan in your life.

Mrs. Moose Jigsaw Puzzles also has a moose puzzle that looks like fun. This is especially neat because you can order it at various difficulty levels from 9 pieces to 308 pieces. What a great idea!

If you're looking for a free online jigsaw puzzle, check out the moose puzzle at This one allows you to change the shape and quantity of the pieces, so you can keep it simple or make it challenging. Enjoy!

March 31, 2009

Close encounters

I've never seen people in the moose cam before, so I found this interesting.

I also just came across this Yankee magazine article about a too-close encounter with moose, specifically someone who joined "the drivers-who've-hit-a-moose-in-a-vehicle club." He joined in New England, but writes that car-moose collisions are a big problem in Sweden, where automobile engineers have developed a moose crash-test dummy. It's a fascinating article, whether you're interested in the engineering or simply looking for ways to stay safe by not colliding with moose.

March 30, 2009

Connecticut Moose

Only one moose in the moose cam today, but isn't it a beauty?

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has a section for kids. It includes a page with some fun facts on moose. (I've heard of Huskies in Connecticut, but who knew there are moose there?)

March 20, 2009

Moose in the Moose Cam!

Have you been checking the moose cam? Lately I haven't seen any moose--either because there's no activity or because I've forgotten to look until after dark. But just now there were SIX moose in the frame! A moment before this screen shot, all six were in the foreground. At this point, three of them are walking away from the camera; I like this screen shot because we can see where the moose go when they're not on camera.

As always, the moose cam is courtesy of

March 13, 2009

Still looking for places to see moose?

We've still been thinking about places to see live moose. Gunflint Trail (logo at left) is in northern Minnesota, but that's not the only place in the US to see moose.
Mooseworld has an extensive list of travel destinations where moose sightings are likely. These include national parks (Denali, anyone?), state parks, and resort areas in the United States, as well as some locations in Canada and Europe. Even if you can't travel to any of these destinations, check out the websites. Some of them have beautiful pictures and interesting information about moose.

Finally--for today--if you like photography or you just like moose, take a look at the Photographing Maine Moose website. You'll find a first-hand account of a moose-photography outing, including a vivid description of a close encounter and tips for finding and photographing moose. The photos are gorgeous, too! In fact, for more photos by the same artist, see the Moose Gallery which displays and sells the images.